Why Maintenance Is Important To The Success of Your Website

A Look at How Maintenance Can Make or Break A Website Project

Upon completion of a website project, continued maintenance is something that can often be overlooked.  Maintenance is critical many different factors that will determine the overall long-term success of your website.  Listed below are a few of the reasons that maintenance is necessary for any website.


If your website is built using a “Content Management System (CMS)” such as “WordPress”, regular updates to this core software is critically important to keep your website secure from hackers, viruses and other malicious activity.  Every day hundreds of thousands of website are hacked and used for malicious activities.  By keeping your website’s software regularly updated and running scheduled virus scans, you dramatically decrease the chances of your website becoming hacked.


If the software that your website is built on is not regularly updated, it could at one point cease to function.  Regular updates to the software that your website is built with, are necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engines favor websites that are regularly updated and maintained.  You might have the top spot for your industry soon after your project is completed, but this might change if your website is not maintained.  In order to maintain high search engine rankings and thus have higher amounts of traffic to your site, you must properly maintain your website.


Every year details about your company such as product offerings, employees and overall focus might change and regular visitors will expect fresh content from time to time.  By regularly updating your site’s content and maintaining resources for your customers such as a Blog, your business will stay relevant online.  Customers will be more likely to visit and your online presence will continually show that your business is an expert in your industry.


Every year design trends change and the overall look and design of websites evolve to take advantage of emerging technologies.  By regularly “fine-tuning” your website design to match modern design trends, your website will provide the very best user experience and will be more likely to convert potential customers into sales.  A website that has an outdated design will often cast a negative shadow in customers minds and they may begin to think that your core products are outdated as well.

Controlling Longterm Costs:

A website that is properly maintained by having its content, design and software regularly updated will end up costing your less in the long run as opposed to starting from “scratch” on a new website every few years.  You will no longer need to have a new website built every few years and you will have the peace of mind knowing your website is representing your company in the best light possible every day.


As you can see, website maintenance is extremely important.  We highly recommend that all of our clients sign up for our maintenance package and believe that it is a long-term investment that is tremendously valuable to our customers.  If you are seeking a web development agency to build a website for your business, always ask them how they handle maintenance.

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