When Does Your Business Need A New Website?

A Few Signs That A Website Refresh Might Be Necessary

It may be a few years since you have had your website updated and you may be wondering if it is time for an upgrade. Websites often go through life-cycles and often need to be replaced every few years if you are not continually maintaining, updating and refining things. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating whether your business needs a new website now or if you can wait a little while longer.


Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Today most people will visit your website on a mobile device. This primarily includes phones and tablets. If your website is not optimized to look great on these devices, you could be missing out on potential customers. Nobody wants to visit your website on a mobile device if it is not optimized to look great on their device.

Your Website Is a Few Years Old

If your website is over 3 years old and you haven’t done any major design or content updates, it will most likely need an upgrade. Design trends, your company information, and search engine preferences can all changes within just a few years.

Few Years Old

Your Website’s Content Is Small

Websites with small content were the trend a few years ago, but they aren’t today. Today internet speeds are faster and screens are higher resolution. A well-designed website today fills the entire screen width and includes large text, content and images. Bandwidth isn’t a concern today and web technology has improved, allowing your website to be big and bold, making a statement about your company, brand and mission.

Small Content

Loading Takes A Long Time

Visitors never want to wait for a page to load. If your website takes longer than 8 seconds to load chances are the visitor has already jumped over to your competitor’s website. As technology changes and improves, so do load speeds. A newly built website utilizing modern web technologies will often load faster than its predecessor.


You Have Poor Search Engine Optimization

Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that your website won’t show up on the top of Google for keywords your customers may search for. Your customers might do business with your competitor because they didn’t have the chance to visit your website based on their search terms. An updated website with good SEO signals to search engines that your content is relevant and authoritative and will improve your overall rankings.


Your Competitor Has A Better Website

Even if your products, services and customer experience are the superior, if your competitor has a better website than your business, your potential customers will most likely do business with them. An updated website signals to your customers that you are relevant, an industry leader and that you take business seriously. The “modernness” of your website can have a strong effect on the decision your customers make on who to do business with.

Competitor Website

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