Our Story

From a mobile development experiment to web development company

Originally founded in 2010, Megapixel Ideas was a holding company for a variety of mobile IOS applications. Brad Hammond, our founder wanted to experiment with Apps as the new market emerged. As of 2015, Megapixel Ideas became primarily a web development and design company. We specialize in the creation of marketing websites for small to medium sized organizations.

  • Design

    We focus on simplicity in each and every one of our designs. We believe that the more simple a design is, the better it conveys your message and promotes the overall goal of the website. We will re-think, trim, adjust and modify a design until we are content that it is as simple as possible.

  • Development

    We build websites that run fast, are lean and are easy to maintain. We take a very strategic approach to the development process. Plans are drafted up and executed, but we also leave room for changes, tweaks, and modifications that might arise that give your website that final touch of perfection.

  • User Experience

    User experience is one of the most important aspects of a website. Users who are engaged and enjoy using your website are more likely to spend money and use your products or services. From responsive navigation to goal centered designs, we create an experience that every user will enjoy and that will leave a lasting impression of your organization.

  • SEO

    Good Search Engine Optimization is critical for your website to be found by its target audience. We will optimize every element of your website to give it the best chance of getting discovered. SEO done well leads to more customers and increased sales.

  • Content

    Well-written content is a must for any professional organization. We have copywriters that will produce well-written content that is free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Matching photography is also often needed for a website. We offer photography services to match your specific needs.

  • Maintenance

    Ongoing maintenance is necessary to keep your website safe from hackers, bots and viruses as well as maintain the functionality of your site. We offer a variety of maintenance packages to suit every need.

What Does A Project Look Like?

  • Small


    • A Few Pages
    • Simple Content
    • Simple Design
    • Limited Customer Contact

    Small Overview

    Are you an individual or small company in need of a website? A small project is simple and straightforward. Usually, a small project only has a few pages with basic features. This type of project may or may not include photography and copywriting. A website that falls into this category would be great for individuals, consultants, startups or small businesses.

  • Medium


    • More Advanced Page Structure
    • Custom Design
    • Industry Study and Matching UX
    • More Customer Contact

    Medium Overview

    Do you own a medium sized company or organization and need something a little larger with more features? Most medium sized companies fall into this category. This size project allows for a comprehensive industry study and matching user experience, professional unique design, photography and copywriting. More time is spent interacting with you and your organization and we become “part of the team”.

  • Other


    • Unique Challenges
    • E-commerce
    • Custom Applications
    • Special Requests

    Other Overview

    Have something truly unique in mind with special requests? This type of project could be an E-commerce website, a website with special features or just something out of the ordinary. We don’t specialize in building massive websites but instead see this category as a medium sized website with unique challenges.

A Typical Timeline

  • First Project Meeting
  • A plan is Presented
  • Design
  • Development
  • Final Touches
  • Completion and Delivery

First Project Meeting

The first step of our process is to meet with you in order to find out what your needs are. This will be a time to learn about your company, what you do and how we can best help you acquire customers and make sales with a website. We will gather as much information as possible in order to plan out the best website possible for your organization.

A Plan Is Presented

After gathering as much information as possible about your organization, we will draft up a plan that we believe best suits your business. This plan will be presented to you and tweaked, however, you see fit. After agreeing upon a plan, a Scope of Work will be drafted up and the project will officially begin.


The first stage of creating a website is Design. We will sharpen our pencils, turn on our computers and start producing a beautifully elegant design based upon the plan that was agreed upon. You will first receive a “wireframe”. A wireframe will be a simple line drawing of each website page. The wireframe will include the location of all website elements on each page as well as a user experience plan and website “flow”. Once you sign off on the wireframe a final design will be produced using colors, fonts, pictures and any other final material. This design is what your final website will look like.


After the design is completed and finalized, Development begins. At this stage we setup a development site and start building your website based upon the design we produced. Your website will be fully built, responsive design will be implemented and the project is now nearing completion. From time to time, we may ask you to make a decision during this stage and seek input as things progress.

Final Touches

After we are done with the development phase, a final website will be presented to you. We will go over every detail of the website and seek final feedback from you if you see small details that you would like changed or any polishing touches made, we will implement them at this time.

Completion and Delivery

Final elements of the project such as Search Engine Optimization and security measures will be implemented. Once everything is ready to go live, a completed website will be delivered to you and we will get it setup on a hosting account with your domain. Your website is now complete and ready for your customers to visit!

Check Out Our Work

We are proud of the work that we do and want you to check it out. We like to showcase a select few of our latest projects so that you can get a feel for the kind of stuff we produce.