Megapixel Ideas

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Mobile IOS and Android Applications Created With Passion

Who We Are

Megapixel Ideas is an IOS and Android application development company committed to producing high quality, fun and engaging applications for IOS and Android devices.  We have over 30 applications available on various platforms and pride ourselves in achieving over 750,000 unique mobile downloads.

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Design a Primary Consideration

We believe that a piece of software's design is one of it's most important features.  A piece of software may be built correctly but without an intuitive design, it won't fully achieve what you want it to do in an elegant manor.

Focused On The Best User Expierance

When we build software, we focus on the overall best user experience.  We believe that people should be able to use technology in a simple way without having to think about how it mechanically works.  

Whether it be a game, utility or another type of software we want you to instinctively know how to use it an enjoy the expierance.

Our Story

Brad Hammond - Founder

Megapixel Ideas was created in 2011 by Brad Hammond. Brad had the idea to create a software company that was different with innovation and intuitiveness of design as the inspiring factor to create unique software applications. 

Much of the software industry if flooded with low quality development companies mainly focusing on high profits and an inferior user experience. Brad’s goal is to help the shape the face of the software industry by resurrecting high standards in customer satisfaction and innovation of design.

Leading The Way In Innovation

Megapixel Ideas is a media company based in the Grand Rapids Area, Michigan that is committed to excellence and innovation in creating new, innovative, fun and useful software for a wide variety of mobile devices. 

With innovation and intuitiveness as an inspiration for each piece of software that we create, we strive to produce quality products that benefit users in a unique way.

Megapixel Ideas