We are Megapixel Ideas

a web design and development company

What We Focus On

  • Simple Clean Design

    We try to make every design that we produce as simple as possible. We believe that a simple design produces the best overall user experience for visitors. We will re-think, trim, adjust and modify a design until we are content that it is as simple as possible.

  • Mobile First

    It is likely that more visitors visit your website on a mobile device than on a desktop, so why not design it with the mobile experience a priority? We strive to create websites that look great on mobile devices and allow users to effortlessly consume content.

  • Intuitive User Expierance

    We focus on creating the very best user experience for visitors. The better the user experience, the longer a visitor will stay on your website. A better user experience has the potential to increase sales and boost the overall reputation of your company.

Learn About Us

Learn about the web development process, services we offer, how we work and what the timeline of your project will look like. We are excited to share what we do with you!